1v1 Basketball Against Jesser!

Publisert 28. april. 2021
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  • 3pt line- i dont fw you no more cash Cash- we could hit bout it🤫🤬

  • Why it look like cash got broke at 6:28

  • Jesse leaving him open at 3

  • Cash ain't slick, them sour patch kids help pay them bills

  • I feel like Cash needs more respect like he's proven he can hit those top of the key shot's respected man And his top of the key shots are like lay ups to him

  • Bills were paid in the video lmao

  • Got that Giannis jumper

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Never thought I would watch two grown men playing a basketball game over a candy

  • GGs. KG coming for yall

  • This is advertising done right

  • “You know I love these sour patch kids” - someone who has only talked about them when they’re sponsored

  • im confused what got blured out at the end lmfaooo

  • respect the 20% top key no doubt....wait

  • Cash ur jumper is good but put more arc in it please see this comment and watch the difference

  • What state are you guys in @cashoonasty

  • These niggas ain’t no hoopers, they taking halftimes 😆 I get it’s for content but damn just play ball.

  • Damn him beating Jesser was un heard of just like last year

  • 🥶

  • the sponsor thi 💀

  • Jesser still better than cash

  • Wet Like Water!!! Three three's in a row good ish browski!💯🎉🎊🕺🎯

  • I love how my dude cash keeps telling us top of the key is his spot he misses every shot 14 minutes later finally makes one i told u mayne top of the key I aint gon cap

  • Bro I can fix your jump shot!!!

  • “This ain’t me” yes it is cash you constantly do not hit that shot lol



  • .

  • damn cash ok

  • Cash is a walking foul on defense now

  • Respect

  • Cash never sees my comment but still just want to say you a beast bro not just at ball at life!!!!!!!!!

  • cash u cant finesse me u know u didnt eat the candy in the beginning

  • Yo cash wsg

  • The SSB theme music throwing me off

  • Cash you're not a shooter bro 😂😂😂😂😂

  • we all know it’s cap when cash eats candy 😭 mans stay talking shit bout candy

  • I got my money on Jesser sorry Cash

  • Adin vs cash

  • What's being blurred ?

  • Does cash still date ash

  • Ion feel like Jesse was trying his hardest but Cash definitely was

  • cash really out here beating kats 🌚🌚🌚

  • Cash can you do a reaction to kyle Kuzma new card on my team ahahaha - it gon pop off

  • We all know if Jess played for real, he could have left cash at 0 lol

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  • I feel like i would beat cash lmao... And im 15

  • Sour patch kids come in boxes in the us? Wtf

  • what shoe is Jesser wearing?

  • Cash u should talk to Flight and get a Cream E. Biggums and Flight 1v1😭

  • Cash still broke from top of the key

  • 7:10 score 7-9. your foot was on the line🙁

  • Am I’m the only one who noticed cash handles got worse again. He honestly needs to get back with Eddie, no disrespect to cash just wanna see him get better

  • Mahn 😂❤️👍

  • Lit videos i loved it

  • I want some sour patch kids now

  • U already know top of the key hotspot better put some respect on his name

  • Cash honestly you have no shot Your form is crazy off But in the paint you’re good


  • Cash still waiting on lebron to write back lol

  • Whole lotta bills gettin paid

  • TOP OF THE KEYYYYYYY... WET LIKE WATER OH YEAH Wow I didn’t think Cash could actually beat Jesser he really proved that his shot is the top of the key

  • Don’t see many 9 min videos from cash

  • That last shot from cash 😳😯😯


  • Ik dis man won Buh dammmn cash, he needa start practicin again cuz he woulda been those Keys lik they was nun

  • Fix up that busted sandstone wall

  • Cash is a HOOPER not a HOOPER HOOPER

  • shii cash sponsor ship is working I'm craving some sour patch kids now, bless its cheat day today

  • Jesser moves like luka

  • It was 11-9 cash foot was on the line but he still won YEA😎 TOP OF THE 🔑🔐

  • Cash defense gotten worse

  • Cash paying bills I see

  • Respect

  • 2 fav people in 2hype. Don’t know who to route for

  • 7:34 that boy went ice skating gahhhhhlee

  • cash back in his prime

  • Jesse > Cash

  • Cash been on the gas zzz

  • Damn jesser lowkey skilled if he worked as hard as catch he’d be elite

  • 3 in a row to finish the game iggght

  • Imagine saying, you don’t enjoy candy...

  • Next video: Well time to pay some bills, YOOOOOOOOO!!!!

  • 7:07 foot on the line lol

  • Cash payin bills got that Sour Patch money

  • Respect

  • Jesser was not playing serious, mans was doing one legs from half

  • No one gonna talk abt all them travels 😂

  • If jesser play serious ahhahhaa

  • Jesser wasn’t even trying tbvh he didn’t run for rebounds

  • Jesser has been taking midrange lessons from papa i see

  • Wtf was blurred out at the end 😂

  • its all about them gushers bro, best candy. sour patch be hitting though

  • Dunk one time!

  • Cash vs zack next 💯🔥


  • Cash u shot 4 for 10

  • Who else noticed Cash's foot on the line when he scored a 3 to have 8 points 7:08


  • Where is ash