Most Physical 1v1 Basketball Brawl Ever For Playstation 5!

Publisert 7. des.. 2020
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  • This dude cash call foul on everything ! His brother haven’t called foul not one time that sad

  • Give like good bro give pa 5 doesnt matter bro lose

  • when cash call a foul there no problem, when cash gets a foul called on him theres a problem

  • Cash plays dirty and calls every fouls when he is losing

  • Jail ball for the ps5 lmao

  • that reverse lay up killed me because of the sound effect.

  • jay should've been won

  • Is he your brother? 🙄🤔

  • And Cash cheated all game 😂

  • Nigga cash started playing prison defense

  • Cash be hooking when he tries to go around

  • They really hacking

  • Those sound effects though 🤣

  • This was the slowest 1v1 i ever seen

  • OK, I am ready to challenge!

  • Cash 1-2000 on threes

  • We all knew the outcome was inevitable

  • I legit thought this was cashnasty vs cashnasty for a second

  • Cashnasty vs evil cashnasty.

  • That game sucks and I would have beat you will ease

  • Cash cheated

  • This a three point contest

  • Cash out here building homes for the homeless.

  • i was getting hella mad when he kept missing 😂

  • That was miserable to watch

  • Cash calling calls like flight

  • Cash you the little brother 😎

  • I bugging or is your brother Jerian Grant?

  • Rebounding Shot Creator (Cash) vs. Rebounding Sharpshooter (His Brother)

  • That’s cashnastys stunt double

  • Bro out here really playin against his clone 💀

  • DDG way better

  • Im not going to lie I did not know witch one was cash

  • cash pulled a flight

  • Happy ending.

  • Y'all got the same hairline and haircut

  • 9:22 Sus

  • The only distinction I have between them is Cash has the fuller beard.

  • When cash said 'I'm down Bad Bad' I lost it lol

  • It will be good to see flight and cash 1v1

  • good looks

  • 13:31 mad sus fr

  • 30 mins to 12. 😂😂😂

  • Let’s go🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  • 14:35 😭😭😭😭 listen to the slap cash giving out 😭😭

  • I love mal sm bro he j seems super chill

  • Just win a PS5 for basketball

  • That come back

  • Cheated my man out 2 points😂😂

  • Sweak sweak

  • man stop drinking those bcaas lol ... they not doing shit

  • Aye at 26:30 cash was wigglin that boy

  • get a better camera man

  • Who else thought cashes brother was Kevin hart

  • How do we even know that you made it cash the cameraman never showed

  • Cash u cheating

  • Half time at 7 pts or 6 you play like you smoke more than flight thought you was healthy bro you play like a bitch

  • What gym is this ? I know this joint in LA

  • yall look like twins a lil bit

  • Foul

  • I want lil bro to get that 5.

  • Gyh

  • Was someone gonna call that travel on cash @9:01

  • Wen ya playing blacktop on 2k and y’all both pick Zion

  • CASH!!!!! Your brother vs flight😎

  • No cap 🧢🤣 this sh$t was the most cringe 1v1 I don ever seen... No hate I fw cash 💵💸he 1 of my favorites but this shiiiii was CRINGE 😬

  • flip Cash I like you on 2k19 and 2k20 2021

  • We heard that shit lol

  • Get them shoes Jay!

  • cash crying the whole game and he was the main one fouling and on top of that cheated this dude cash is terrible at basketball

    • Why are you talking. You probably dont even know what a basketball is.let me explain.A basketball is the sphere that they were throwing in the video.

  • Man Cash be cheating like crazy

  • That was in 😭 it’s what it is tho

  • Is cash the older one ?

  • Him and his brother are odee similar it’s crazy

  • Cash got no game at all he really shot like 2 for 50 from 3..

  • dude they built the exact same

  • Don't know what I just watched but great video.

  • You didn’t have to do him like that cash

  • Did he change his title?

  • Bro cash lost that game

  • Im 45yrs old and smoke and will beat both of yall.. 5"11 168 lbs. Live in PENN P.A. AND I AINT PLAYED SINCE THE SUMMER.

  • Cash need to pay this camera man less lmao

  • Nah cash cheated. Shit was not out at all.

  • Bro the Beginning of the video 😂😂

  • He didn’t even make it

  • Mal: give him a pump Cash: ye, I love when he get on me 😳

  • Great video cash, mad respect for the ending. Brotha love💯

  • I can't lie Cash the way y'all were shooting this game I would beat both of you one on one. Work on a midrange game

  • cash ur sad how u expect to play physical but then act like a bitch when touched

  • Camera man sounds like 2 chainz

  • All love but cash hot ain’t from the top of the key that’s Just the only spot he not cold from

  • Cash being saying I’m a shooter you go 3/16 from the three point line

  • Of these models of Adidas all court basketballs, Wilson NCAA mvp, Wilson FIBA 3X3, Spalding NBA HIGHLIGHT, Spalding TF500, Spalding CrossOver, Spalding Extreme SGT, which are the ones that I can buy in my country, which are recommended for fun and outdoor use, I'm not a player or anything, I want it just to play, train and have fun?

  • Bro this boy chase needs to stop shooting

  • Man looks like cashnasty with a big forhead

  • How is it that farback hairlines run in the family

  • Ik im not the only one screaming "stop shooting"😂

  • Workout Session With Your Brother Please!!

  • they start playing at 1:50