TOUGH 1v1 Basketball Against TJass!

Publisert 5. aug.. 2020
Check out TJass here!


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  • have a good day =D

    • you to cash =D

    • You to

    • bruh u just traveled my guy

    • Cash real shit been watching for a hot min go back to ya drive right spin left for the lay

    • No cap if cash did handling drills it prolly make him more comfortable when he actually pulls up for 3

  • People in the comments saying tjass defence is underrated, they were both fouling every reach every play they were fouling badly they just weren’t calling it ain’t no way y’all watch basketball.

  • T jazz is one of the best hoopers on NOlong you to cash I respect that alot

  • If the guy carried the ball anymore he'd be playing "American Football". Wth was that?! Anyone can "cross over" with their hand under the ball the entire time. Surprised the Cash guy didn't call it.

  • Good game, cash U need to practice more . Practicing on your weakness every time u get to the court . Never do the same thing .

  • T jass beat flight adin cash wow

  • you two just playing wrestling out here bruh 😂😂😂😂

  • roman 10,9 if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord an believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved o

  • Fouls fouls fouls

  • My 2 favorite NOlong hoopers balling out!! Love it!! I’m gonna keep grinding until I get to hoop with you guys!! RESPECT!

  • Lol Tjass just wrocks up with it shirt

  • Damn TJass playing like a real man out there!

  • Bro just imagine if tjass would start taking height pills and become like 6’2

  • when tjass fell😂😂😂

  • I hate watching cel and cash play defense, learn to play defense without fouling it’s not that hard. I’m a physical player and I love the contact but when your knocking people of the court everytime they go for a layup then that’s not good d. T Jass was kinda fouling but he played better and cleaner d then cash did

  • Dribble and shoot generation. I wanna see some bully ball. Cash is fire though, he doesn't do that bull dribble and shoot method. He actually hoops.

  • For post moves, look at my father's generation. Bully ball is the best. Like Jordan and Barkley" great basketball players that used bully ball. Cash is legit though, he uses it every now and then, gotta respect him.

  • 14:45 them ankles was almost gone

  • Bro the truth Kenosha in the house shout out Racine miltown stay down

  • We hooper hoopers in Wisconsin family

  • Yeah he from the Midwest we play d for real

  • Cash nasty vertical increase asap. We gota see that monster dunking

  • cash got that kyle korver shot

  • If cash just put that arc It’s guaranteed money

  • Cash does not know how to play basketball

  • Cash calls a lot of no go plays

  • 1V1 competition at it's finest, from the best in the business.

  • He fouling the shit out of cash down low

  • Cash a hackbox

  • I came back from Tjass vs Adin Ross and Adin scored 8 to 18. (No disrespect to Cash tho)

  • Needs a break in ain’t even. A Hooper

  • he said: 15 lets go 2min later he aint even touch the ball and its game

  • Cash traveled a few times and tjas was fouling

  • has cash gotten better ???? my boy greening all his warm up shots

  • bro t jass a fucking fouler bro thats not fucking defense

  • Can't really learn much by winning. Cash is no joke. He's a true baller with a great attitude!

  • this 1v1 is scuffed asf lol

  • Normally these videos would be 49 minutes but tjass ended it quick

  • Bro like man yo u ain’t beating tjass nobody going to beat him bro nothing gonna stop him😂🤣

  • nothing but respect bro

  • Must be hard to be fight and cash trainer like I get the money is good but everything else is like embarrassing lol

  • T- Jass has the stamina too play that long but Cash doesn't. No disrespect at all

  • Havent even watched that far yet and T-Jass is gonna win

  • Respect to cash for giving t jass the instant replay on that spin

  • Cash got broken 14:36

  • Bruh cash plzzz stop fouling you are not good at defence

  • Great game. Excellent sportsmanship!

  • Cash nasty is the dirtiest player ever , he fouls too much bruh

    • And can’t make threes for shit

  • The disrespect letting that man shoot free 2's

  • 4.1 subs to watch a average bball player of the average normal citizens !! Dude builds mansions with his bricks !!

  • This video just came back into my recommended despite me watching it 7 months ago. Time really flies.

  • cash used to throw his shot, now he snapping his wrist and his shot looks better

  • Crybaby cash

  • No one was crying and calling for fouls it was good game

  • Cash u gotta go back to ya drive right and spin left for the lay bro that's ya best move

  • 7:04 is it just me or is there Minecraft background music

  • He was fouling u like crazy

  • I want to see cashnasty in the NBA one day

  • Feel sorry for Cash he is hella fatigue compare to TJass.

  • That is tough, Cash. You got crossed at 7:28

  • cash need to try on that mid range game you would be like unguardable

  • Cash you really did good man🔥🔥🔥

  • That was a really good game 👌🔥

  • Tjass is really like that man😂 cash you were fouling like brazy but all good when your the hoopiest

  • yo i feel like i can beat both of yall 1v1... respectfully.

  • T jass played dirty for real

  • Bob

  • t jass is that guy lol good game cash.

  • Nothing wrong with being physical but cash is to physical and that's how people get injured or pissed off ita not football

  • Lmao Jass be fouling crazy

  • 😂 that boy T used foul every time on d

  • sup

  • 7:30 that spin was nasty

  • Damn I just realized cash is a hop

  • 5:17 sheeesh

  • Every steal from Jass is a FOUL...

  • Bro you can't reach in like that...

  • Tjass is a hooper hooper hooper hooper

  • 6:27 mans travelled to Africa bro

  • 5:13 .. skates 🛼

  • Cash was fouling every time

  • Cash be fouling and using only hands while playing d

  • What with all the fouling!! This ain’t basketball ball, dude can’t even go up for lay up they holding your arm.

  • Just subscribed..good vid.

  • Great battle

  • I’m sorry no hate but T jass hair do be looking like some ramen noodles

  • TrashNasty

  • Ed Sheeran VS James Harden😂

  • i got thappaer ,chappal what you want

  • Congrats on 4 milli man

  • Cash is an offensive hackbox

  • Shot is glitching on the release... shit makes me cringe

  • Is anyone looking at cash pivot foot on check ball top of the key straight walkin lol but great video bro

  • Damn cash was hitting them in the beginning of the vid I didn’t know he could shoot like that

    • @Miguel Sanchez it’s your bed time lil boy go to sleep

  • 12:15 Look at T-Jass GF looking at cash lmao

  • Imagine if TJass was like 6’5” or at least 6’0”. He’d be even more lethal bc he’s only like 5’9” now

    • if Tjas was 6'3-6'4 , he would be in the nba man and that would be hella crazy

  • Sit on defense' don't over play' drive more' he won't want the contact. Damn anything else guys.

  • man he plays tough thats right but all that was fouls like his hands were swinging on you like 3 times in a row

  • Bro yall should come out here in NC i show yall how to fish

  • Cash i have eben following you since NBA 2k17 and i love your Content but you cant call us „wussies“ When we cant even get the chance to play against you .