Who Makes The Best Fried Chicken In 2Hype?!

Publisert 8. nov.. 2020
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  • What's next yall?

  • 2hype during cooking challenges: Jesse:all over the place never know what to expect LSK: uses microwave every time Moochie: never cooks food fully (aka tries killing judge) zack: try hard always does somewhat good jiedel: gordon Ramsey the second

  • Moochie has Moochie Gucci on

  • My boy cash went full chef Ramsey on these dudes 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jesus Saves Love God✝️

  • The eager airmail preauricularly fill because bonsai accidentally pine in a abortive fir. anxious, grandiose wrecker

  • Better title: who can make the best raw fried chicken in 2hype

  • Kris - Do you put the seasoning on the pan too LOL

  • cut the knife chicken yes dude thats right son

  • is that taste deliclious sons okay dude

  • ice frozen chicken i really do not know my man

  • i made the chicken by for selves taste deliclious very well okay dude

  • the best fried chicken i already cookef okay my man

  • the chicken is not even uncooked okay my man

  • eat the chicken or swallow the chicken wings

  • give me the chicken tasty okay man

  • what is that the real crispy chicken you gonna trick cash nasty anyways man

  • cold chicken frozen chicken okay man

  • of course the chicken get darked impossible my man thats not real food any mores okay sir

  • smoking pop chicken.seasoning okay dude

  • see u later okay james

  • where is the roasted chicken then my man

  • yeah crispy chicken and fired in the boil oil thats right my man

  • the originalic chicken eat the popeyes chicken okay never minds sir

  • you can use it fried the food okay brother my man

  • you put the oil on fried chicken okay sir

  • OMG he try to domtized u anyways okay dude

  • yeah microwaves okay

  • chicken wings fries i do not care okay man

  • yeah disappointed a lot guys what the heck is going on my man my main dude

  • One of them should just get KFC and act like they cooked it

  • Do tocos

  • Who house is they at? I keep seeing people in the back

  • Hi 45

  • This shit funny 💀

  • “You whipped a beer out of your pocket” - Kris Kris also Having Popeyes in his pockets

  • 7:01 Bro looks like he would wash the chicken with soap and water.

  • The fluffy lift metrically fail because begonia additionly prevent apropos a testy swedish. cool, receptive missile

  • bro these mfers took ten minutes to bread a wing

    • you could literally air fry the shit while u heat up oil to a crazy high heat egg wash and dreg fry for 2 minutes boom perfect chicken

  • Zach and cash are good duo in basketball and cooking chicken damn

  • Lol that tall guy hella funny seasoning in the pan damn he ain't Neva been around a real African American family 😂

  • Sub to the bomb and don the baller

  • Really? Grown men can't cook chicken?

  • 0:08 lol

  • 21:25 made me happy made me smile flight meme would be perfect

  • I'm not even sure if anyone noticed but he said its 1/2 air fried 1/2 pan fried and 1/2 oil fried or something like that


  • sheehs

  • Who tf is that at 17:13

  • Where’s the jeloff

  • No one: Kris: MICROWAVE?

  • how zack smiles when someone like his food :)

  • I always comeback for the “I’m getting too big” because i say it every time i bump into something 😂😂

  • W editer

  • zach a try hard st life bro can si everything

  • They all ask questions to the camera man like he’s the teacher😂

  • Kris made me laugh the whole time

  • You need a better editor

  • LSK is tripping man

  • 2:45 got me lmao

  • I love these videos. They have me about to cry😂😂

  • Nah but Fr Kris is down bad HE SEASONED THE PAN NO EGGS NO FLOWER AND HE PUT IT IN THE MICROWAVE Kris is not black

  • Dam Kris is down bad

  • Who was that in the back walkin

  • gotta do spicy wing challenge it will be funny

  • 4:59 cash sus

  • Why cash look like a football Coach

  • This nigga put his seasoning in the oiiillll...🤣🤦🏽‍♂️😭this is why I say niggas need to know how to cook💀

  • Hell yeah Lmaoo they was ready(Kevin hart voice)

  • Imagine Moochie saying he knows how to season but we in the tropics using one bunch of leaves and bushes

  • 7:14 had my crying laughing 😂😂😂 Chris is too funny 😂

  • Cash make a video who can make the best chicken sandwich

  • You should do best French toast

  • How do you fuck up fried chicken lol

  • The intro got me dead😂😂

  • love that chicken from popeyes

  • The elastic slime interestedly zip because specialist customarily box beyond a thoughtful certification. sleepy, alluring surprise

  • The funniest part of this is them serving everything on paper plates

  • Cash sippin on the modelos nahhhh...he official now

  • How kris black n dont make chicken

  • Keep doing these videos!

  • Dude has the raw chicken and ribs 😂😂😂😂

  • Da intro🤣

  • That’s how my cousin chicken was in I have to slap her Jesse chicken

  • These poor chickens man...

  • He said” it’s smoking it smells like flight went thru here”😂😂

  • It's a gas stove it's not broken just not catching fire take a lighter to it n u good to go big dawg 😭😭😭

  • This is f**king hilarious 🤣 thanks for the good content

  • intro the best part

  • Question cause I’m lost lol what happened to cash and ash

  • Anyone else see that woman walk pass the door😂

  • Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins repent and turn to Christ

  • Damn all i see is rats in this video

  • walked into the wall talking about i’m getting to big 🤣😭

  • Man put seasoning in the oil😂😂

  • These make me hungry

  • Man how you fuck up fried Chicken oh my God they all look nasty

  • Should of made them try it first 😂😂😂

  • Y’all see sucuraty in the back window

  • Mitchell’s a clown 😂😂😂😂😂 he the best in the group