Eating & Working Out Like DK Metcalf For 24 Hours!

Publisert 27. des.. 2020
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  • leave what you want to see next down below...i read comments just dont roast me yeh

  • 💙🙌🙌💚

  • Aaron Donald

  • How about you try Mike Colter workout and diet

  • 6:39 “Decaf”

  • a rastler

  • John Cena 😎

  • lowkey kenny strong'

  • Camera man sus af

  • Yo cash you gotta box someone

  • Cali muscle

  • When he said he’s not showing anything he has cus he’s not trynna show off earned my respect

  • Low carb diet? Definitely not lmao

  • Do the Canelo Alveraz diet and workout he a boxer

  • Kenny said “what’s that white stuff”👽🤡😂

  • Do greemond green

  • 6:40 who is dekalf??😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • You should do Steph curry

  • Do Aaron Donald 🤣

  • Do Aaron Donald😂😂

  • Ayo cash where that honey come from??? 😂

  • you should do Aaron Donald

  • Cash do shaqs diet and workout next

  • Give life to Jesus Christ amen

  • i’m proud of kenny

  • 6:20 bruh

  • Do Aaron Donald workout

    • why do you comment on a old video telling him to do it like shutup

  • do jordan burroughs

  • bruh cash the ads man

  • Can someone tell me is cash and ash still dating?

  • People fail to realize DK has been working out since he was 5 or 7. I think 5 lol

  • More football players cash!!!!

  • There’s no way that’s enough protein to sustain a dude that size he’d have to eat over a pound and a half of the chicken cause oatmeal doesn’t have that much and all the other shit doesn’t even really have protein unless that’s Greek yogurt and he’d still barely make his protein I bet he has a lot of other stuff he eats cause I’ve been doing a little to no carb diet and it’s rough I’ve been eating a lb of chicken or pork chops every day with eggs in the morning and Greek yogurt that only has 1g carb but 15g of protein and tuna and a protein shake but I bet he has a very large quantity of oatmeal and chicken

  • Ayoo

  • Kudos to you for doing the workout. Honey and oatmeal is disgusting. The texture is too much for me. Straight oatmeal with a little sugar and I’m good. DK my boy. Mississippi stand up!

  • Bodyfat 1.6? Hahahhahahaha no man just no I think more like around the 5% maybe more

  • hey Cash i got a Question bro, i was wondering if you smoke weed? not that it matters just trying to figure out how you have all this amazing energy thinking you dont

  • Do tyreek hill

  • Do Tyreek hill

  • kenny called him decalf 😂

  • Kenny really big

  • John ceana

  • Aaron Donald next bro

  • Tyreek hill

  • Jj watt

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  • Bacon raw asf

  • Do KD diet

  • Earned a new sub, freaking amazing content bro 🤟🤟

  • You need to do eating and training like Tristyn Lee

  • Cash do the Derrick Henry diet for 24 hours

  • Kobe Bryant’s diet

  • please tell me what a "rasler" is

  • Yes is

  • do it fo a week. No balls

  • 17:31 they look like there breaking physics

  • Cash nastyyyyyy

  • Train like block lesnar 💪🏻🧔🏼🖕🏻

  • were is ash

  • Do aaron Donald or Julio Jones diet

  • u should do his workout next to do another nil player but there diet and workout all in one video

  • gyno and roids

  • Hold up where is the strawberry milk he is the strawberry milk conasur

  • The seeable John cena

  • You just spit on the ground in the gym

  • Do a wrestling workout they built different no cap hardest workouts to do

  • The rest of 2hype are scumbags, thanks for being the only real one cash🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Your not that buff in thumb nail😭😭😭

  • This def ain’t his real diet

    • @Dylan Mazza ohh

    • @Makeithot Mali he said in an interview with Brandon Marshall that his diet isn’t good at all, and he eats McDonald’s every morning

    • Why u say that

  • Who would win in a fight cash vs dk that would be a heat fight

  • 6:18 bro what?

  • Do John cena

  • I love when Kenny and Cash are together. They got each others backs all the time. They some real friends

  • Love these vids man

  • Tyreek Hill

  • I eat 5000 calories a day😂

  • D.k metcalf doesn’t eat healthy

  • Cash is good to watch when sad this man be motivating me

  • You should do a random subscribers

  • Cash is the best he has all the money and fame that you could want and he still doesn’t flex and he stayed real and didn’t let the money change him

  • Do Christian mccafrey

  • CEO of "ya know".

  • do jordan burroughs diet‼️

  • 4 mill

  • What happened to cash nasty and his girl

  • DK the most overrated wr in the league.

  • Dk is a beast genetically his dad was a offensive linemen

  • John cena u can’t c me

  • Bro you do inspire just know that 💯

  • bro he said he eats mcdonaleds for breakfast

  • He should do leveon bell

  • John cena

  • Do Mark Wahlberg his diet schedule and workout are freaking insane

  • 12:28 nobody’s gonna talk about how this man just spit on the floor

  • jackie chan n chris tucker duo right here

  • You was speaking facts at 8:30 💯💯💯

  • Do Marshawn lynch next

  • This my type of diet I’m a big dude 14, 6’3 178 and I don’t have the appetite to eat a lot it’s just enough

  • “Even weed grows in the earth” looks at camera and laughs😭

  • you forgot the strawberry milk