Empty Barbell Bench Press Workout Max Reps Challenge w/ 2Hype!

Publisert 10. des.. 2020
Pre-Workout I Use...GG!!
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  • Great performance💪 Empty Barbell Bench Press NON-STOP CHALLENGE WORLD RECORD【1453 Unbroken Reps in 68 minutes】 We are waiting for the challenge🔥

  • Hey I am really trying to better my life and work hard for,my life goals and also to show love and respect


  • 5ZB589

  • That cut scene wit Lonzo tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Lahey 😂😂😂

  • Hi

  • They’re doing like 1/2 Reps.

  • James’s shoulder and rotator cuff had to be burning and sore because his form could use a little work

  • How many times they skipped count 👇

  • bro tryed to cover up the plates when we obviously saw them 😭😭

  • James is such a bot bruh

  • i use this stuff called Beyond Raw Lit and it’s good

  • Why jesser have dababy head 😂😂

  • Wassup

  • He look like James harden no cap

  • 5ZZ8589

  • If cash woulda slowed his pace he woulda did way more

  • Good lord jesser needs to hit the weights

  • Big gains

  • 8:45 bro i swear James can't count bro tf

  • Bunch of white boys at awee

  • been waiting to see a challenge like this blow up

  • I would clown this man in the gym 200 reps of bar


  • Hey guys i dont see cashs gf anywhere in the videos, they are still together right?

  • The way that jesser looks into the GoPro

  • Watching Cash and troydan since 2016 my favourite basketball NOlongrs

  • zack kept stopping and jssser didnt

  • Every video is special💀😂

  • If I post a video doing more than 200. Can I get PS5 too😁?

  • Cash really tried to make it to ten minutes with all that counting. HE HAS SOME BILLS TO PAY!

  • how tf can your biceps be red after bench pressing? it’s a chest tri and shoulder movement 🧐

  • The only reason I’m here is bc of cash

  • Gains💪💪💪

  • Bro whoever edited this video put one of their license plates in the vid

  • You leaked your number plat on your car

  • Didn’t dry scoop? Cmon cash I didn’t know you were BETA

  • Mitchell was lowkey looking like Sharkboy from that angle

  • Where is mopy

  • 0.6

  • Cash do be confident

  • 12:45 lol😂😭

  • Do everyones max we want to see how much jesser and everyone improved.

  • Damn 2hype actually this strong😲

  • Yo cash with everything going on with y’all right know just know we mess with you heavy, in 2hype or not


  • Hi cash

  • You have to leave 2hype. It feels weird

  • Cash a good hype man

  • Do an at home workout with no equipment

  • who here be for cash hit 4 mill

  • I meant to say a big Lebron James Fan.

  • Is it just me or does cash look like that one uncle that always wears too much cologne

  • This man cash faces bruh😂

  • Went to the gym today and did 600 reps of this :)

  • Half reps lol, still good tho

  • Cashnasty when u leaving I’m excited to see it

  • 7:38 editir cmon

  • Honestly Zack's wasn't as impressive as it seems cuz he was going fast using momentum by swinging, it's more impressive when its slow

  • Cash you inspire me I started working out cause of you.

  • That editor finna be fired no cap

  • Kenny why aren’t you in Jessie’s vids no more

  • 8:12 - 8:18 wtf Jesse doing

  • Keeep up the energy 2hype I know a lot of stuff happening but I will always support you guys

  • GG ENERGY just got mine :)

  • “Man that brotha starving”😂😂

  • half reps count as full?

  • Isn’t the bar supposed to hit their chest?

  • 5228589

  • Bro y’all some bros for life. Y’all hell of good at supporting one another and pushing each other past y’all’s limits.... RESPECT ✊

  • 4 million otw

  • GG energy!

  • GG energy

  • Claim here before 50 years ticket

  • How much is gg energy

  • cash look at 9min and 8 sec

    • Damn I didn’t even see that good eye

  • It looks like cash has nitro in his veins

  • What is the editor doing with the bler your fucking up the video

  • 8:15 Jesser looks like that one 8 year old who knows more than you

  • Anyone else think they could totally beat Mitchell up, like not in a mean way tho

  • No one: Zack: timte to try hard😈 Cash: I had to take the responsability😏🤝

  • Rip moopie

  • 10:39

  • 5ZZ8589

  • Can we give Cash a WashNasty!

  • Cash for real my favorite in 2 Hype like cash just got the vibe you know

  • L HYPE

  • Cash go react to iballright how god created cashnasty his channel does how god created people

  • Bro 8:46 why they just counting when hes not even getting the rep yet

  • 8:13-8:19 Jesser wtf u doing lmao

  • Iballright is going to make a "When God Created CashNasty" you should react to it

  • go pro angle sus af

  • And that grip was wide as

  • Wtf were the first guys reps he only brought it down half the way

  • I like the form💀

  • king von and his goons watching moochie get 63 😳

  • Jesser said “yeahhh” when zack was lifting then the camera just looks at him and he goes from a big smile to just a blank frown

  • bro i know the whole tag number

  • cash really said “just think of the times you were depressed” lmfao