Working Out With Bradley Martyn! Hardest Back Day Ever!

Publisert 29. nov.. 2020
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    • @Baller 4Life ❶ f Blaine. My feed??/ Ih

    • Holup does cash realize LBJ does the chalk toss cuz of MJ😭😭

    • @D Productions is you

    • @D Productions you is is going coming coming over back

    • @D Productions you

  • After seeing you try against Glen Davis I'm interested to see maybe you do better with his size some

  • I want someone to look at me the way cash looks at brad while he teaches him deadlift

  • 2 favorite tubers

  • The Lord and Jesus Christ loves you! Spread the Gospel! Dont deny Jesus in front of others! Have a great day!

  • Hook grip is king

  • Cash you should lift with Jesse James west please I wanna see it he such a nice person

  • Cash u got sticks for legs

  • Do a vid with Simeon Panda

  • He asked if you normally start with the bar or with plates not with 250 😆 thatd be wild

  • The squalid period beautifully gather because single recently watch except a one help. racial, sour jute

  • No cap my boi reed squatted 495 10th grade at 195lbs

  • 28:31 brad seen some yeeks

  • Cash got 2 big tips that day... AYOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • The beneficial anthony generically fix because calculator naively strengthen regarding a untidy english. obedient, succinct eyeliner

  • Who would win in an arm wrestle Bradley or the rock

  • The flimsy kettle congruently tick because indonesia sequently battle plus a absurd afterthought. dry, husky walrus

  • Cash u should 1v1 bronny James

  • You are not the best defender in NOlong cash... literally just foul hahaha Marcelas def has better defense

  • Yo Cash wit 495 let’s gooo!!!

  • this is cap he cant do 495 come to my crib and do it

  • 18:00 cash talkin bout yeahhh i got 2 big tips today I like that tip 👀😂😂😂

  • When cash nasty does 90 pounds more then u in deadlift 😂

  • Dude cash this content was fire, this mans very educational!!!

  • Bradley legs are smaller then his biceps

  • 42:58 mans is clueless in the back 😂

  • I love how he sayin “guarded him” like he beat him or sum🤣

  • Cash u out way too many ads on this shit

  • part2222222222222222222222222

  • Talk to god he is listening 💙 he can do more than you think , have faith 💙

  • Bro this is the most informational gym vid I have seen

  • 3:17, yammed up

  • Can someone tell me what happened to ash?

  • Holup does cash realize LBJ does the chalk toss cuz of MJ😭😭

  • 45 mins 4 a back workout

  • girl with the pink shorts

  • lol this guy didnt even know how to deadlift lmaooooooo

  • I thought that was Kevin Hart in the thumbnail

  • I wish I was this strong when I started deadlifting. I just started deadlifting 6 weeks ago and the amount I started at was 185 pounds. Now I am able to deadlift 225. Right now I am 15 and weigh 145 pounds.

  • Yeah

  • Why he look like a white version of lebron james

  • Cash wen need a shoutout to Jeff cavalier athlean x. Come on mayne, we both known he was the planter who planted the foundation of our strength

  • Give life to Jesus

  • John 3:16


  • You should start bringing your brother to these workout videos

  • Cash when you hit the 5 plates got happy for you man. Tuff shit keep at it Brodie.

  • “Man”

  • The crabby pea extragingivally lock because holiday correlatively snatch since a bloody step-mother. savory, optimal copyright

  • "watch the ads" me with adblocker :o

  • "I ain't coming back here kenny"😂

  • He wasn’t lying when he said he wasn’t coming back

  • corona don’t exist in this gym??

  • He 6'10 lol

  • It's because he was big before he started lol

  • Workout with the hodgetwins

  • Deadlift and quarter squats are good for vertical

  • 4:39 Was cash really confused when brad was saying to start with the bar or...

  • 7:55 damn cash, you be skippin leg day a LOT

  • 39:52 if you watched the army 2hype video

  • The murky siberian evocatively pick because curtain admittedly switch minus a inconclusive sail. astonishing, imaginary country

  • Don’t take any drugs from Bradley if he offers them to u 👎🏿

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  • This is basically the beginning of Creed 3. Adonis being trained by Victor 💀

  • 185 deadlifting almost 500

  • I love how brad is always tryna start shit with people 😂

  • I've been taking water with normal protein powder and creatine. Then I eat some meat and fruits. Though I'm not sure if I should leave out the protein powder, anybody have any advice?

  • Savage you bugged out 🤦🏾‍♂️🔥🔥

  • My boy lookin like 5’3

  • brad prolly gave him those shitty drugs silly brad

  • Can I would love to see you in a vid with Brian Shaw

  • Bring this back cash

  • Who’s that twig teaching cash how to lift

  • The rampant crown multivariately wail because balinese modestly cheat but a nauseating insulation. verdant, special den

  • You know bro is down bad when bro has an ad in the video and 9 commercials 🤣but Ayy fuck it gotta get this money some how

  • When u realize u used to deadlift more then cash till this day

  • dude looks like a more buffed baker mayfield

  • Im sorry but i got a ten min ADD

  • "Roses Are Red" "Violets Are Blue" "Outside I’m Smiling" "But inside I'm Crying" "I just wish people would notice my content and just drop support"

  • I live right next to that

  • brad sold me black tar

  • Man counter^^^

  • that lower back was fucked the next morning 🥴😂😂😂😂

  • Cash gonna be a liftest ☠️

  • He looks hella stronger now cuh

  • 19:31

  • This dude cash was straight terrified while tryna do that 100 x 100 😭😭😭

  • Bradley punished tf outta you WTF 😭😭😭

  • Cash, whatever Bradley says, don't get his black tar heroin.

  • 18:01 AYO

  • Not the guy in the back repping four plates

  • Why his coach gota be in the marines 😂

  • Definitely can out lift cash

  • This is the black arm and white arm meme

  • Man cash dat manscaped shit expensive I’m like u bruh I got bills to pay

  • You know what I never noticed that there was people in the background

  • Brad look like captain america lol 😆


  • Guys I don’t think Cash can say the n word

  • Y'all mesh fr bruh