1v1 Against 7'0 Freshman Jahzare Jackson!

Publisert 23. juni. 2020

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Pre-Workout I Use...GG!!
I receive commission from purchases made through this link:
Use code CASH for 10% off your order!

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  • I beat him 8-0..and I’m not even a hooper hooper..

    • You are tho

    • Dominick.

    • Blew an 8 - 0 lead

    • damn

    • You’re not even a hooper. Just a one dimensional guy who only shoots at the top of the key. You’d be a monster on the court....if they left you wide open to shoot at the top of the key only lmao 😂😂

  • Faze rub brother is there

  • Not gone ignore the fact cash said he want a not only boy a 16 year old boy

  • Hi

  • cash is a short king fr

  • Bro you should have a 1v1 with Mikey Williams

  • I didn't notice sherman was there from faze rug

  • Bro am I the only one that seen Anthony

  • Damn he sound like a voice changer, but fr he looks like he only hoops because hes tall it's not something he likes doing

  • That floor sounds like garbage, sounds like a barn

  • He already walks like a mom who had 5 kids and works 2 full time jobs. Im sorry but this kids mobilty and posture better improve or, this is nothing but a what if story, i dont see anything but a tall dude at the moment, hes probably better off working out and getting acting jobs, hollywood can make him look like a good player.

  • cash playing dumb it game point. Why not lay it up.

  • How he 16 and a freshman?

  • Can someone tell me why Anthony is there

  • Why didn't the Freshie just drive the entire time? He would've won I'm sure.

  • 16 as a freshman ?

  • His calf is the size of my head, come on 😂

  • There’s no way he should’ve missed that @ 10:20

  • if jah is in serious mode that would be dangerous especially in small space.

  • Jahzarre needs to play football

  • Should be on football field

  • 1v1 brawadis

  • I wanna see him vs Lsk

  • Did cash say the kid was 16 and a freshman cause those don’t add up

  • He’s build like Lowry lmao

  • Fuck basketball this kid needs to be an left tackle

  • Cash is rubbish

  • jah looks lazy asf...if he was like fast, even zion would fear him

  • He kept saying you ain’t built like that shooting 4-100 from 2 🤣

  • Bro do y’all not know what skunk is ?

  • jah should lose like 50lbs then he gon be a problem!

  • The dude ain't even tryin


  • Sherman the verman

  • Bro who surprised that Sherman the German and brawadis are there😂 side collab???

  • He whooped youu...lol

  • Rag Doll..lmao

  • Y’all linked his number

  • Too clumsy

  • I see you my boy. He dunking now😂😂 And flight too😂😂

  • He make the ball look small af

  • Damn I see you top of the key 🔐💯

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  • He is the next shaq

  • Cool

  • bro y didnt cash drive as fast as he could when he was being guarded hard at 3

  • Mans built for football tho lol. Like with that body man;even he is dangerous in bbal

  • It’s nice seeing a big man dribble.

  • 💪🔥

  • U need more arc on ur shot

  • wow me and my friend sam used to hoop with that short haired blond dude at jcc

  • bro ? 3:56 ??

  • Let him stand against Kristianlondon bro

  • He not 7foot he 6'10 or 6'11

  • Cash choked a 8-0 lead

  • He should play rugby cuz he’d stomp everyone

  • Did this neeguh just call a double? 🤣

  • He big for nothin

  • Jazhere vs big baby


  • Cash you legit asf for hanging around and helping the kid develop more. Running drills over and over against different types of defense. That's a good look. 💯

  • The ready aquarius lily whine because wasp intriguinly bomb near a ossified bead. elite, racial cart

  • A bunch of y'all be hating for no reasons

  • He is a football player! Not a hooper! He playing the wrong sport! Just saying......

  • Bruh game point cash could’ve pump faked and then drives instead of shooting a three

  • Slowest big man I’ve ever seen

  • The 8 point should have been all day. That step back of yours I though 🔥.

  • Ayo no cap,cash is looking small agains’t him

    • No shit Sherlock, Jah is 7"0 280, cash is 5"10 190.

  • Who else saw Shermantheverman

  • When u in the fourth game in Rush 1v1 against a Paint Beast

  • Wtf

  • Cash really let him win because he was shooting to much he shot to many threes and he let him back in the game

  • He bullied tf out u on his 8th point

  • Dude just big no skill at all

  • Lazy lookin kid.

  • I hope the kid does not waste what god gave him.

  • Nigga shot like 5 airballs

  • That boy built like a football player wtf

  • Who’s here from the documentary?

  • 3:57 cash has gotta be stopped

  • I thought 14 year olds were freshman

  • 6 months with Hakeem or Shaq or if he had the chance...A Kobe? He would be TRANSFORMED

  • This mans leg taller and bigger then me....

  • I need cash to go against mikey

  • not sure if you noticed but jahzare carried 3 times at the end.

  • Did y’all see Cash fly when he got knocked back at like 8:50😂

  • He 7’0 and he got handles damn

  • 8:50 cash can fly 😂

  • Why does cash flick his wrist after the balls in the hoop?

  • Missed the game winner smh

  • That dude would be a beast at left tackle lol

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  • Tell that big O’l boy go play some football. He a hooper tho

  • This guy isn’t good idc 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Cough cough *6’9*

  • Get a gf

  • Play taco fall

  • 7 foot high school freshman damn

  • Cash could’ve won if h stoppe shooting at the end

  • Irwin Rivera